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All my sessions include: consultation before, during and after your session

session styling and clothing recommendations



Starting at 180 euroAll packages includeLifestyle
starting at 100 euroAll Headshot and Profile packages includeHeadshots and Profile
starting at 150 euro for 90 minutesAll packages include Weddings and Events

Hi! This is me!

I am the gal behind the camera. I'm your Portrait Photographer.

I like peppermint tea, Frank's Hot Sauce and BBc6 Radio. I love my family and the emerald green Island, I can finally call home:)

I also like music. I like to create sounds. Photographing is sometimes like listening to jazz music. What sets Jazz apart is thing cool thiung called IMPROVISATIONS> That is exactly what happens when we work together.



Why should I be your next photographer?

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Client Testimonial

Marta Nash - animated in application which is infectious. She spreads oomph to those she photographs. Every portrait photo you see that is taken by her has something of her own character in it, such is the potency with which she engages with her subjects. There is nothing bland or insipid about the work of Marta. She has a restless energy which fuels her enthusiasm for her profession. She will persist until she gets us right.

Anthony McIntyre, writer

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