My specialty is non-boring headshots and branding lifestyle images. These portraits can be styled in any way that tells the story of the person I’m photographing. They’re popular with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives, because they’re a way to showcase their personal brand identity. For clients seeking more traditional headshots, I can still inject their personality with just a touch of charisma and asplash of professionalism to make the standard chest-up portrait
interesting. I work with all my clients to form a game plan for the shoot. The more prepared I am, the better the product I deliver. Plus, I’ve found that clients are more likely to relax and trust my direction during the session if I’ve included them in the process ahead of time.


Here’s how I work with my clients to plan a shoot they’re excited for:


1. We talk about ideas.

My clients all have different needs, so I use a questionnaire to learn
more about those needs. How do they plan to use the images? What vibe do
they want to convey? What are their brand colors? Do they prefer a
certain photo orientation? Do they like the feeling of negative space? I
find such questions incredibly helpful in fulfilling the client’s
vision. It also helps the client feel involved in the planning and
session direction, not simply being told what to do.


2. Choose an interesting location

Headshots or any portraits need not be confined to a sterile environment
to be professional. In fact, when clients are in a location where they
feel at ease, they’re more likely to relax and look confident in their
images. Using the questionnaire responses, I find and suggest locations

to support their usage needs and preferences.

Entrepreneurs and creatives often hire me for social media
images, and we work together to find an environment that feels true to
their brand. Some of my favorite spots are rented studio spaces, unique
hotels, and coffee shops. I once photographed an interior designer in
the middle of a room being renovated, and that was her favorite shot of
the entire gallery. Don’t be afraid to suggest a location that bucks


3. Consult on clothing

Clients always appreciate tips on what photographs best. Entrepreneurs
and personal brands have freedom to showcase their personality through
their clothing style, so we choose colors and styles that fit their
brand. A typical hour-long session can accommodate three outfit changes,
and I often recommend one casual, one professional, and one fancy or
fun, depending on their preference. The final outfit decisions depend on
the location and weather, so they’ll often bring along a few extra
options, just in case.












During the photo session

A quick scroll through Instagram might persuade you that every woman is
comfortable in front of the camera, but I’ve found usually the opposite
is true. Subjects initially feel vulnerable and intimidated, and these
emotions will show in the photos if not corrected. I approach my role as
photographer carefully, using the following tips to help my clients
feel comfortable.


5. Create an atmosphere of fun.

My shoots are all about bringing forth joy, laughter, and one’s inner
dork, so I have to provide the right atmosphere for that mindset. Having
a playlist at the ready, whether it’s one my client created or my own
mood-boosting, go-to (Spotify’s ’90s playlist works wonders!) helps
subjects relax during their photo session. I often encourage my clients
to move during the session, and hearing their favorite song helps them
loosen up. The more a client can feel like herself during the session,
the more she’ll look like herself in the final images.


6. Give them a task.

One of the best ways to get a subject to relax is to have them focus on a
given task. This can entail typing on their laptop, jotting down notes
on a pad, or grabbing a prop and using it in any way except how it’s
meant to be used. Images like this are great for social media, and are
often the sort of photos I’m hired to shoot.


7. Use prompts for authentic expressions.

Once a client is in a flattering position, I give a few prompts to
elicit different reactions and expressions. For example, I might have
the subject imagine that her celebrity crush just walked in the door—
completely naked. The prompt isn’t always a flash of genius, but
whenever I say something unexpected, it breaks the subject’s
self-conscious concentration and lets them react naturally. Some of the
best smiles and laughs have come from these unscripted prompts.


8. Interact.

My natural tendency as an introvert is to keep quiet while I shoot,
but clients appreciate direction and encouragement so they know what to
do and that they’re doing it well. When I’m shooting a more traditional
headshot, I keep the poses simple and flattering, and use conversation,
coaching, and humor to elicit authentic expressions.

With brand lifestyle shoots, I’ve found that making myself vulnerable
(either by singing or dancing), helps my client feel at ease, because
they’re no longer alone in awkwardness. Joke around, quote movies, or
ask questions about something you know the subject loves; it’s not the
answer you’re after, but how their eyes light up when they give you a
real laugh — this is when you snap the photo.


9. Encourage playfulness.

Before working with me, clients often think there is a hard-and-fast
rule for the look of a brand portrait. To change that perception, I show
them how rules are made to be broken by including some fun images that
they could use for social media. To that end, I encourage my subjects to
play. Dancing and tossing confetti are two of my favorite ways for
subjects to get playful. Use the questionnaire answers and the vibe
during the session to sense how playful your client is comfortable
being. Some of my clients have no problem jumping on a bed or kicking up
their bare feet from their chair, while others require a little coaxing
to show their silly side (cue the ’90s playlist!).


10. Encourage positivity.

Whether it’s basic headshots or a full brand lifestyle session, I always
focus on my clients’ positive aspects. Being in front of the camera
often makes a person feel like they’re on display, so the shoulders
tense up, the jaw clenches, and the smiles seem forced. The more I can
assure them they’re doing a fantastic job, the more they’ll begin to
relax. Just be sure to do so honestly — don’t be fake!


My clients love that I’ll show them the back of the camera after
taking a shot. This gives them the opportunity to see how good they look
and to know they can trust me to get the best shot. It also gives them a
chance to correct anything I may have overlooked or address something
they forgot to mention in the questionnaire. For example, I might think a
unique scar is endearing and distinctive, but they might be
self-conscious and want to hide it.

If there’s any one piece of advice I’d give a photographer just
starting out in headshot and brand photography, it’s to treat each job
as a partnership with the client. Use your experience as a photographer
to guide them through the process because you are the expert, but
definitely let them be a part of it. This one step has led me to working
with clients who completely trust me during the process, allowing them
to relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera. Together we create
light and fun brand imagery that they can feel good about sharing
because it completely represents their true selves.

Here is what you can expect



  • Once a deposit of 100 euro is paid, we will schedule a date for your session.
  • You’ll get a contract and an invoice sent to you right away to secure your date.
  • We’ll go over outfit options and find the best location for you and your family.
  • I’ll post a few sneak peeks on social media a few days after your
    session, and you can expect your final gallery within a week from your session date! I will ask you to choose your favourite 20-30 final images and I will hand edit each one of them.
  • You will be able to download your photos and shre them with the world!
  • You will also receive your own mobile app so your photos from the session are always stored on you phone and ready to be shown off
  • Last but not least, once all this is finished, we will talk about any prints, frames, canvases or photo books you might want to purchase.




Check out what some of my clients have to say about their experience

Client Testimonial

Marta Nash - animated in application which is infectious. She spreads oomph to those she photographs. Every portrait photo you see that is taken by her has something of her own character in it, such is the potency with which she engages with her subjects. There is nothing bland or insipid about the work of Marta. She has a restless energy which fuels her enthusiasm for her profession. She will persist until she gets us right.

Anthony McIntyre, writer

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headshot Photography for business and professional


Whatever your occupation or type of business, it’s pretty certain that you’ll have some sort of online presence. This could be on LinkedIn, on a company website or on one of the many forms of social media.

Your photo is how people see you, and form an initial impression of you. It’s better if that impression is a good one.





Session Fee + €60 Per Person

3 retouched images per person included (+ B&W version)

Initial requirements discussion

Studio equipment setup at your location

Up to 30 minutes photography time per person

Complimentary group photo included, on request

Additional retouched images €25

Custom quotes for any special requirements or larger numbers (4 or more people) – See Group Headshots

Headshots for Models and Actors

PRomotional photography for businesses

Here is what you get



Sessions are €230 , but most families spend an average of €500 in total on wall art and photo books.

Your session fee includes a 2 hour long session, plus a an online gallery
of 20-30 images for you to share with the world with the option to
purchase prints, wall art, or photo books.

All my sessions include: consultation before, during and after your session. I will work with you from A to Z meaning we will talk about session styling , location choice and clothing recommendations to what
your final product whether it is a framed print, a canvas or a photo book.

Expect about 90-120 min session time

An online gallery with proofs within a week from your session that will be available for 2 weeks. I will ask you to view and select your
favorite images. Expect around 80 proofs but you will be asked to
choose 20-30 final images.

Final images will be edited and prepared for social media and available for download (not for printing)


This fee includes: a pre-shoot consultation and planning meeting, the
photoshoot itself and post-shoot viewing and ordering session. It does not include HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES (for printing) or any photo products,
these are purchased separately. A €100 deposit is payable upon booking to secure your appointment and the balance is due on the day of the shoot.


We only want you to purchase what you love. Our clients spend on
average between €200 and €500 on their portraiture. You are very
welcome to pop over to the studio to and see the quality of the
products in person with no obligation to book a session.



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