Have you been putting off your session because you are worried it will be boring?


Your whole family (yes, even Dad or a cranky teenager) will have a ton of fun at your family session! There will be lots of playing, running around, and time to connect as a family.

You’ll leave your photoshoot feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident. But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out some reviews.






Here is what you get

All my sessions include: consultation before, during and after your session.

I will work with you from A to Z meaning we will talk about session styling,

location choice and clothing recommendations to what
your final product whether it is a framed print, a canvas or photo book.

how to prepare for your photo session

Whether you are getting annual family photos, it’s your wedding day, or you are getting some personal branding photos to celebrate how much of a badass you are, here are a few universal tips to help you prepare for your mini modeling career.


  • Drink water! Not just the day of your shoot, but start guzzling a few days before to keep your skin looking good and hydrated the day of. Try not to go on mad one the night before as , trust me, it will show in the photos
  • Touch up your toots and exfoliate your lips! Dry/cracked lips are really hard to fix in post-production, so grab some sugar and honey to make your own lip scrub to get that dry skin off your lips. And hey, who doesn’t love a beauty routine that doubles as a sweet treat?
  • Don’t overthink it when it comes to your hair and face – just do a slightly elevated everyday look and I guarantee you will feel so much more confident.
  • Bring a lint roller! If you have any sort of furry animal at home, this one will be a no brainer.  You’d be surprised how many little details a professional camera picks up, so get any little specs off of your clothes before the shoot. (This goes for wrinkles on your clothes, too. Break out that iron!). 
  • Keep the day as stress-free as possible! There is nothing worse than showing up to a photoshoot frazzled and stressed…and there’s not much anyone can do to photo edit crazy eyes. Keep it calm, give yourself plenty of time to get ready, and maybe even plan something super fun after your session as a celebration! 


Here is a very interesting article to help you with your wardrobe ideas

My biggest tip for looking good on the day of your photoshoot? Have fun! I’m of the opinion that everyone looks gorgeous when they are having a good time, and at my sessions, we always end up having some good old belly laughs (and sometimes even a snort from yours truly). Reach out to me about setting up a session so that we can make some magic! 

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